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Wedding Tablescape with orange and red floral arrangements

— Our Story —

About Silver Fern Events

Silver Fern Events was born out of the passion I've had from the age of 16, where I first started working in my aunt's bridal shop here in Asheville, North Carolina.  Learning every possible thing I could about the wedding industry, and how to help brides who wanted to have the best day of their lives.

I always knew I wanted to own my own business one day, and here we are.  After starting out in the wedding industry at the age of 16, that launched me into a career in fashion, where I spent 20 years as a visual merchandiser and manager for major retail fashion companies, training people how to enhance their own visual skills, starting in NYC and traveling across the U.S.

That eventually led me back here to my hometown of Asheville, where I finally opened Silver Fern Events.  My attention to detail, design and presentation is what gives me a unique perspective in planning your custom wedding, a product launch, baby shower, corporate event or intimate party.
It has always been a dream of mine to start my own events business. YOU are my dream job. Whether it's 300 of your closest friends or an intimate party of 25, I will make sure that we work together so you have the day or night of your dreams. I get to have my dreams come true too. Team work! Look how good we are already doing?!

Silver Fern Events wants to make sure you enjoy your special day by taking every detail of your event into consideration and making it reflect lasting memories and joy. 

xo, Erin

Image by Alyssa Hurley

Meet the Team

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Owner, Lead Planner

Erin Godelski

Erin started working in her aunt's bridal shop in Asheville, North Carolina when she was 16 years old, spending her days after school in toile, organza, and a LOT of lace.

A time before bridal squad, E-invites, and succulents at weddings were trendy.  Besides learning the difference between a mermaid dress and a cathedral train, she learned how to deal with people (more importantly, brides) who wanted to have the best day of their lives.

This led her to the fashion industry, where she then spent 20 years as a visual merchandiser & manager, training people how to enhance their own visual skills.

Starting in NYC and working all over the U.S. for major retail fashion companies eventually landed her back where it all started, here in Asheville.

Owning her own business, Silver Fern Events has always been her dream, creating the perfect, custom, wedding, baby shower, product launch, corporate event, or intimate party for incredible people.

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Wedding planner assistant standing outside in a green field

Event Planner

J.r. (Janey Rose)

JR (janey rose) Spragins is originally from a small town outside of Atlanta, and moved to the Asheville area in 2018. Growing up, JR was constantly doodling wedding dresses on her classwork and always knew this would be her life’s path. Not only was she heavily inspired by the 2001 film, “The Wedding Planner” , she spent a significant amount of time learning flower arrangement for her grandmother. 


In college JR took an internship with Silver Fern and was offered a secondary coordinator position thereafter. 


JR’s passion for event coordination has only grown as Erin has paved the way for her. The two often collaborate on design choices, flowers, and overall wedding day execution.


Leading up to your wedding, JR strives to connect with couples and develop a professional relationship in order to bring their vision to life. Then by wedding day, the couples have time to cherish each moment with little to no worry. 


You can reach JR here 

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