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10 Ways to Incorporate Your Dog into Your Wedding Day

​If you are anything like me, your dog or (dogs) are a huge part of your life. Fido may not just be a dog but more like a child. Naturally, you want them to be a part of the most important day of your life. Here are a few ways you can incorporate them into your wedding.

  1. Have your pup walk down the aisle with you. Everyone is gonna just love it. If your spouse is committing to you, they're committing to your fur babies, too! So why not have them walk down the aisle with you?

  2. Include your pup’s name in your vows. This is something subtle and cute you can include in your vows, and this might especially be helpful if you're someone who's gonna be crying through your vows— this might get a giggle out of your spouse, and your guests to break up the tears!

  3. Include your pup in your first dance. This might be easiest with small dogs that you can pick up and carry, but either way, this is a fun, and memorable way to incorporate your pup into your wedding day!

  4. Have your pup be the ring bearer. You can attach the rings, or a ring box to their collar and have them walk down the aisle. This works best with well trained dogs who will come right to you and won't get distracted by all the guests, the venue, and all the other things going on!

  5. Have your pup join in the cake cutting. Again, if your dog is on the smaller side, you can hold them and make sure they're in all the cake-cutting photos, or just make sure they're able to be included in the photos somehow! And, you might even have gotten a special ordered pup-friendly cake for them, too!

  6. Have your pup be part of the wedding photos. This is a less-of-a-hassle way to incorporate your pup(s) into your wedding day. If you've got someone watching them or taking care of them throughout the pre-wedding things and the ceremony itself, or if you have them in a crate nearby, you can bring them out to join the party when it's time for photos and the reception!

  7. Let your pup be part of the bridal party. This one's cute! If you have a female dog, it would be so cute to dress her up in a dress similar to your bridesmaids dresses, and have her sit beside, or be held by, one of the bridesmaids!

  8. Have a “puppy bar” with treats and toys. This one is for all the hard-core animal lovers out there! This would be an especially good option if you had guests bring their own dogs, too! A puppy bar would be a for-sure hit!

  9. Have a special area set up with a bed and blankets for your pup to relax. Having your dog in a new environment for your wedding day, surrounded by lots of people they may or may not be familiar with, not able to have your undivided attention throughout the process, and on top of that, maybe your wedding was a travel destination, so they're still 'recovering' from the trip, this can all be a lot on your fur baby! Having a dedicated spot for them to lay down and relax is always a good option if you want them included in your wedding day! One option might even be adding an on-theme dog bed beside the sweetheart table so they can sit with you and your spouse at the reception!

  10. Have a dog-friendly reception with plenty of water bowls. Not all venues are pet-friendly, so be sure to check with your venue first, before bringing your pet along. When choosing a venue, if you want to bring your pup along, be sure to find pet-friendly venue options, or have an outdoor wedding where your pup will be more welcome, and more comfortable!

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